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VENTURA (1997)

SYMMETRY. 180 degree rotation. Turn this design upside down and it reads the same both ways.

INSPIRATION. Created for a week of performances April 21-25, 1997, by the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble, at the Civic Arts Plaza's Forum Theater in Thousand Oaks, California in Ventura County.

STORY. This week we will be performing nine times at the same theater: two shows a day for school children Tuesday through Friday, and a public evening performance Thursday night at 8pm. For details, see our performance schedule.

This is one of the easiest inversions I've done in a long time. All the letter combinations are old standards. You can use the same letterforms to make inversions on the words RAVE, VERA or RUNE. I frequently use this lettering style, which is based on the italic handwriting most often taught in calligraphy classes, because it is elegant, legible, and very malleable.

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