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Synergy (1981)

SYMMETRY. Tessellation with two 90° centers of rotation.

INSPIRATION. Inspired by the work of R. Buckminster Fuller,

STORY. R. Buckminster Fuller, best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome, was an advocate of doing more with less. His watch word was “synergy” — the behavior of a whole not predicted by the behavior of its parts. I am particularly fond of his interest in tensegrity figures (available in toy form as Tensegritoy), gravity defying constructions of sticks and strings which were originally developed by sculptor Kenneth Snelson. You can find out more about Fuller’s work through the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

This design practices synergy in two ways. First, the word crosses itself four times at two different types of junctions: S becomes Y and E becomes R. Second, letters are joined in pairs, reducing the number of modules to just three. I was pleased to find that this pattern fills a grid without leaving any gaps.

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