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Montgomery (1999)

SYMMETRY. Rotation by 180 degrees.

INSPIRATION. Created for a dance performance in Montgomery, Alabama.

STORY. In November 1999 I traveled with the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble to Montgomery, Alabama, where we did a week of performances and talks about mathematics, dance and creativity in local high schools, culminating in a performance for the community. We were inspired by the tremendous support for the arts we saw in schools, not just for privileged kids, but for everyone.

     We stayed with at the Governor's mansion, warmly hosted by Governor Don Siegelman and First Lady Lori Siegelman. Lori is a major supporter of the arts in education, and a childhood friend of Karl Schaffer, co-founder of Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern. I presented this design in our performance to the Siegelmans.

     This design worked out rather easily, despite the length of the name. Every part of the design is a combination of letters I have used before. You can use pieces of this design to help you make inversions on the following words and names: MARY, MINT, GO, ONE. By the way, the logo for the computer company GO is a clever inversion using uppercase letters. (No, I did not work on the GO logo.)

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