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Mathematics (180 degree rotation, 1997)

Rendered for a performance of "Dances for the Mind's Eye" at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham, Alabama, January 23, 1997.

Given my interest in mathematics it was only matter of time before I attempted an inversion on this word. I completed the final lettering in time for a performance of the mathematical dance performance "Dances for the Mind's Eye" at a ceremony honoring the new math-science wing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, a school which serves mostly high school aged kids.

Half of "Mathematics" was printed on the back of the program, running off the page halfway through the E. At one point in the program I ask audience members to turn to someone next to them and put their programs together to spell "Mathematics" as an inversion. Half-inversions of the words "Dance" and "Symmetry" also appeared on the program.

This inversion works out pleasingly well, with the final S turning into a characteristic opening flourish on the opening M. The blackletter lettering style commonly used in mathematical notation works very well here, with only minor deviations from the standard forms. Note that the A and E are very similar shapes.

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