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Dance (180 degree rotation, 1990)

Designed during a residency at Princeton University, February 1990.

In 1990 cybernetic sculptor James Seawright invited me to Princeton University for a 2-week residency. During that delightful time I worked with students on creating inversions and exploring letterforms.

My temporary office was in the art department, which housed both fine arts and performing arts. I was fascinated by the way each artform had a different characteristic body position: painters straddling wooden benches, ceramicists on high stools hunched over their work, dancers with bodies extended.

I sketched a series of inversions on the names of all the different arts, a series I hope to realize as physical objects in the corresponding media. I made several versions of the word "Dance", including versions for jazz, modern, square and folk dance. This version was inspired by ballet.

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