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Arthur / Benjamin (rotation)

Updated: 2 days ago

SYMMETRY. 180 degree rotation. Turn this design upside down and each name reads the same both ways.

INSPIRATION. Created during a week-long dance residency in Thousand Oaks, California, April 21-25.

STORY. I improvised these two designs on the first names of the daughter and son of the organizer of our residency. Since the two names are related, I tried to make the lettering styles related.

These two inversions illustrate two of the most common liberties I take with letterforms. If there is more than one copy of a letter in the same word, I prefer to make the shapes as similar as possible. In BRIANNA, however, the two A's are fundamentally different. With names, I prefer correct capitalization: either all capitals, initial capital and the rest lowercase, or if necessary. In JORDAN, however the J is uppercase and ODAN are lowercase, but R is uppercase.

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