Bay Area Math Camps

I compiled this list for a mom in Campbell looks for interesting summer math camps for her 7 year old twin sons. Generic STEM camps like Galileo don't do it for her, so I looked for something more interesting in the STEM/math/programming/Minecraft direction. Here's what I found.

ID Tech. Coding and engineering camps at Stanford. Expensive ($1000/week), but looks like it’s superior quality with small class sizes. (now in 150 locations, but started locally). It’s all day 9-5, with optional overnight meals/lodging. Creating Minecraft mods is part of the curriculum, as is robotics.

TechKnowHowKids (ages 5-9). Includes a 9-3:30 Minecraft/Lego robotics camp. There are classes at the Campbell Community Center near you…most are almost full. Can’t vouch for quality. Might be good.

Camp Edmo. Includes Cupertino, Los Altos and San Jose. For PreK-8th grade. They run programs during the school year too. Looks interesting, haven’t seen it before. June 11-July 27th. Runs 9am-3pm, which is common for camps. Mix of social and tech skills, including Lego and Minecraft.

Firecracker Math Camp. Yes a math camp. For ages 5-16. Fun interesting math in the morning, plus diverse classes (science, cooking, magic, art robotics) in afternoon. Nothing near you; it’s in Oakland, Berkeley, Lafayette. At $425/week it’s relatively affordable. Looks much more interesting than run of the mill STEM camps. This is the standout in my research; I’m going to look into this further.

San Jose Math Circle. Math Circles are the biggest organization in the US that promotes interesting fun math. They have a list of math camps on this page, most of which are not local, and are for older students. Still, they are a great resource for finding math resources, so might be worth a call.

Jin’s Mental Arithmetic Academy. Teaches abacus skills. Might seem anachronistic in the digital age, but abacuses continue to be a great way to give kids powerful mental arithmetic skills far beyond what most kids can do. Is it rote? Absolutely. But it’s a physical skill, like playing the piano, with interesting side benefits. They offer weekly summer camps 8:30-12 throughout the summer.

Julia Robinson Math Festival. Runs math festivals all over the country. Nothing during the summer. Resumes in fall. I work with these people…these are good events.

Coming: math books, games, apps, online resources.