Math Monday at Washington Elementary School, Burlingame California


Mondays at lunch in the library

Math Monday at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, California, is fun math games for students to play together, to help them enjoy math. It is open to all students grades 1-5, and happens every Monday at noon in the library. Bring your lunch and a friend!

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Get the games

Here are some games and resources for playing math games at home.

Puzzle Mats. Free PDF download. 3 sets of 10 puzzles each (5 levels of difficulty + 5 corresponding puzzle-making activities), based on Pentominoes, Sudoku and Number tiles.

Prime Climb. Sorry! meets arithmetic. A lot of math and a lot of fun. One of our most popular games.

Set. Popular card game of visual patterns and logic. Kids frequently beat adults at this fast-paced game.

Sudoku, Ken Ken. Closely related newspaper  puzzles. Sudoku is a logic puzzle, Ken Ken also involves mental calculation. 

Rush Hour. Classic puzzle of sliding cars to escape grid lock.

Gobblet Gobblers. Ingenious and hilarious variation on tic-tac-toe, with tricky strategy.

Pattern Blocks. Wooden geometric shapes fit together to make colorful patterns.

Magformers. Colorful plastic polygons with magnetic edges snap together to make polyhedra.

Pentominoes. Rich geometric puzzles with 12 pieces, each made of 5 squares.


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We want volunteers to help run Math Monday and spread it to other schools.

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Other resources & events

Bay Area Math Circles. Occasional evening events at local schools for elementary students.

Julia Robinson Math Festival. Math fun for kids and adults in a big room. Happening all over the bay area.

Math Pickle. Wonderful site full of fun math puzzles for all ages. 

Math Kangaroo. International math competition for grades 1-12.